Friday, August 21

Idaho Adventures

We are here in Idaho with Brandon's family and we are having a great time relaxing, laughing, boating and taking jeep rides into the mountains!

We left town Tuesday right after saying goodbye to the boys and came straight here to Brandon's hometown. It felt kind of weird being the 2 of us again, but it is turning out to be an easier adjustment than we thought. Truly this is a tender mercy from the Lord.

We have had some non stop fun since we got here. Wednesday we went to the golf course in Weiser, ID and Brandon, his dad, and brother golfed while I drove the golf cart around. It was so much fun.

Thursday (yesterday) we went to Hell's Canyon to water-ski and eat a picnic. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon/evening. The water was perfect (though Brandon's family says it's too warm) and I was able to go kneeboarding for the first time in a year or so. It was a lot of fun until I totally biffed it in the water. When I surfaced, I was dazed because it happened so fast and it hurt! Thought I would wake up this morning (Friday) with whiplash, but thankfully that wasn't the case.

Today we went in to the mountains in Don's (my FIL) jeep, and ended up hiking a little ways. We drove on some old mining roads that are 50 years old. We had a blast of course! We came to the near top of the mountain and got out of the jeep and climbed up the steep mountain side quite a ways and tossed or rolled some rocks down the mountain to see how far they would go. It was a great work out, but quite slippery in some places. It was the coming down part that really made us stay on alert. I took my sweet time coming down so that I wouldn't get hurt out in the middle of nowhere.

Tonight we are going back down to the lake, seeing as how everyone wants to get in as much water-skiing as possible!

I once again want to thank everyone for your love and support. Be assured that we have felt their influence. We love y'all and hope y'all are doing well! Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 17

Love You Forever

It's here, the last night that we have Hunter and Bubba in our home. Today Brandon and I had the opportunity to meet the boys' grandparents from out of state. They are wonderful people. The boys spent the day with them and came back for one more night with us. I sit here struggling to balance my emotions with my thoughts. On the one hand, I understand everything that has taken place and I KNOW that it is for a reason. I KNOW that these boys are going to be okay. I KNOW that the Lord is mindful of them, their grandparents, and us in this difficult time. And yet with all of this new-found knowledge, I am heartbroken. My heart is in a different place than my mind. I feel like there is this gaping hole in my chest that is surely going to take some time to heal. It is this feeling that leads me to the decision of not being a foster parent any longer. I was strong enough to be there for these boys, to care for them, love them, and cherish them when they needed it most. I am blessed more than words can convey to have known these two little ones. I know without a doubt that I will see them and know them in the life to come. It is this feeling that brings me peace. I wouldn't change having them in our home for the last 9.5 months.

I understand that it's okay to be heartbroken. I know that I am going to ache emotionally for a while, and it's going to take time for me to get over this. But I am grateful for the precious joys and cherished understanding that comes with being a "parent". I can now only look forward to the future that will someday allow me the opportunity to become a mom to my own children, whether it's in this life or the next.

Thank you to everyone that was mindful of our situation, for your considerate thoughts, reassurances, and thoughtful prayers for us these last several weeks/months. We have felt them and can not thank y'all enough.

Monday, August 10

Weber County Fair

This 2 year old sure loves Brandon. They are best buddies.
Bubba was extremely tired by the end of our afternoon in the warm sun!
We loved the adorable goat mommy and her babies!
Hunter got a kick out of the goats getting a bath. They were protesting the entire time.
Hunter loved the animals. He kept saying/signing piggies!
This was a sweet Kodak moment!
Bubba with his mouth full of chicken nuggets and french fries!
Hunter saying "CHEESE"!