Wednesday, January 30


To say that on a near daily basis that I receive inspiration from the people that I meet would be pretty close to an understatement. Not because it is always by choice that I am able to be a part of people's lives, but more out of the ramifications of what I do in my line of work, am I somewhat of an integral part of the lives of those who are Deaf.

I once read a quoted expression of someone who is Deaf's feelings about interpreters, and it said something to the effect that interpreters are the Deaf people's keys to the locked doors of communication in a majority hearing people's world. If most but not necessarily all people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing can attest to this, then I must say I am humbled and grateful to do what I do.

I have met so many people in my line of work who absolutely inspire me. I have met political figures, intellectual elite, doctors, nurses, cancer survivors, transplant patients, new moms, new dads, and even people who are losing their battles in this life.

I must admit that on a daily basis, I may not always think about how these people inspire me, but I am able to remember times where people have made me smile, have made me think of how blessed I am, to be grateful for what blessings I have, or even in some cases the things I don't have.

I have seen people remain ever positive through some of life's most difficult times and continuing to smile. I have seen the miracle of life. I have seen people come together to celebrate the life of someone who has passed on. I have seen fear replaced by a newly defined resolve in people's eyes. I have seen people endure blatant or ignorant discrimination; yet when they could get angry, they take it in stride and turn it into an educational opportunity for those giving the discrimination.

I can honestly say that I can't think of any other job I would rather be doing. This job increasingly helps me to be a better person, to be unassuming, to love and appreciate people. There are truly some rather difficult days; days when I walk out to my car, and cry; days terrible enough to make any preacyher swear... you get the idea. This job has its misgivings, and difficulties, but really what job doesn't?

And then there are the opportunities I have had to meet and get to know so many people in my everyday life that I am so blessed to know. Those of you who read this, I am so grateful to know all of y'all.

Tuesday, January 29


After a more than crazy day of work, here I sit on my couch thinking about how blessed I am to have the job that I do. Let me explain the reasons that I love my job, though my disclaimer is that no job is perfect, and that mine is something to be grateful for.

Reason #1: Variety Instead of the Mundane

My daily schedule is never the same. I don't have to sit in an office all day, (though commuting in my car may come close) typing and answering emails and phone calls. I tried the educational interpreter thing, and sitting in classrooms is something that I tried and definitely respect, though it isn't something I personally cater to. There is certainly a feeling of anticipation you get when driving to an appointment that you may not have done before. You always have the chance of learning something new. I for one have learned quite a bit from the medical field because of the medical situations I have been in.

Reason #2: The People

Again, if I were sitting in an office all friggin day, I wouldn't be able to meet a lot of people now would I? Nearly every day, I am able to meet and get to know new people. As an added bonus, I often have the opportunity to do what's called "team" interpreting for appointments that go for an extended amount of time. I work with absolutely amazing and experienced interpreters who teach me so much, and allow me to take mental notes (hehe, I am mental) of how they interpret things. There are definitely some laughs in this job. One thing I can say, is you are in the wrong profession if you are an interpreter that can not laugh at your mistakes.

Reason #3: The Education

Since last May, I have learned SO much about my chosen profession. I have built my vocabulary. I have learned how to deal with interesting situations and people that may come in to play during my day.

There are many more things that I want to post, but let's save that for later, because I am tired! I had a REALLY long day.

Tune in next time! ;)

Sunday, January 27

A New Release....

As of last Sunday, I am no longer the Ogden Valley Deaf Branch Relief Society President. I have been released. Let me explain:

I was only just called at the end of last May, which might obviously suggest that "wow! that was really short" but starting in mid to late November of last year, I started having a personal struggle with balancing my job and my calling. As an interpreter, I have been through some very intimate and personal situations with people, and at times those were experienced with members of our branch. It made for quite the awkward situation going to church on Sundays. Then there was the fact that with my job keeping me so insanely and unpredictably busy, I was never or hardly available to thoroughly serve in my calling. People needed a Relief Society Pres that was easy to contact in times of need, or just for regular questions. I wasn't able to do those things.

So to make a long story short, I started to have a feeling that I just couldn't do it anymore. I went and talked to 3 people: our branch Pres, the Stake Pres, and the Stake Relief Society pres. In the end, I realized what I needed to do, and sat down for a cry session with my husband to discuss the options. I asked to be released from my calling, and stated that I would be attending our local/home ward. This was not a decision made lightly. There are going to be people that I am going to miss, especially Brandon sitting next to me in church. (For those of you that think I'm nuts for not going to church with my husband, he actually has been VERY supportive in this decision). He understands the "between a rock and a hard place" feeling I have been having.

I attended the Branch last week for them to release me, as well as my new ward. I loved it, to say the least. There are going to be the new adjustments, such as closing my eyes during prayers, or trying to focus on the person teaching or speaking without wondering why they aren't using animated facial expressions, and acting out stories!

So that is one of the MANY decisions I have made (with Brandon's full support) in my life as of late. And it feels so right.

Thursday, January 24

Decisions Decisions....

In the last few months, Brandon and I have felt like our lives haven't really been progressing or moving forward. Things have come to a standstill. We don't know why, but they just have.

In the midst of our lack of excitement or change, we realized something was missing. Well there are actually things in different areas that we find lacking. So we are just trying to reevaluate different areas of our lives and are trying to figure out what changes or if any at all need to be made in the areas we consider lacking. I am not going to go into too much detail because we aren't even sure for ourselves what changes are going to be made or even shared with the world, but if you read this can you do us a favor? Keep us in your prayers so that maybe we can rely on wit, wisdom, and higher powers to help and guide us in wise decisions? It would mean the absolute world to us!

And believe me, when a significant decision is made those of you who love and care about us to read this wacky blog will be the first to know!

Tuesday, January 15

What are the ODDS?

Okay, so the last couple have days have truly attested to the fact that things are back in full swing in the interpreting world! I have been up to my ears in appointments!

Well in regards to the title of my post, I have had an interesting couple of days. At church on Sunday, I managed without any anticipation or absolutely no intention whatsoever to be called un-Christlike! I have just come to the conclusion, that no matter what capacity one serves in, within my faith, there is always going to be someone, (usually it's the same person) that gets offended no matter what you say. It doesn't matter how tactful, how good of an intention I have, or how nicely, or how big I smile when I say it, I am darned it I do, and vice versa.

Then yesterday, I was enjoying some down time between appointments in Salt Lake City, and I went to the Gateway mall to kill some of the extra time. I turned to pull into some of their covered parking, and there was a guy in a Jeep Cherokee in front of me, trying to take the ticket that is given to you from the machine that spits them out at the time you drive up. He had pulled in at a funny angle and was trying to put his car in reverse so that he could pull in again at a better angle to reach out and get the ticket. The problem was that I couldn't exactly reverse my car into the moving traffic outside. So he put his reverse lights on, and I just honked to remind him that I was behind him, and he pulled back into forward and then proceeded to back up again and I honked again. He then realized that he was going to have to open his door and physically get out of his car to get the stupid ticket so that the gate would go up and let him into the parking area. The thing was is that he got out of his car and looked at me and called me a "DUMB A$$"! I couldn't believe it! I sat there in absolute shock! He was the dummy that was going to back in to me!

So with both of these happenings, I went for 2 days straight (albeit in very different situations) with being called two very serious things! I mean seriously... what ARE THE ODDS? These things I felt were completely unprovoked and unwarranted! But oh well. Like I said, people are going to take offense, and are going to get mad even when it's their fault!

I hope that I don't come across as not taking responsibility for my own actions, because I own up to the fact when I am wrong. These happenings were just kind of interesting! I honestly didn't know what to say (which really means something if you know me well!).

On a happier note, February 3rd brings the Diabetes Expo to Salt Lake City, and I am going to volunteer! I am going to work the morning shift, and then later that afternoon I am going to bring Brandon to go to all the booths for myself. I am not quite sure what I am going to be doing exactly, possibly registration but I told them that I would love to work anywhere there is going to be people! I am really looking forward to this opportunity. It's nice to see people who have the same struggles that I have and face everyday! This can also be said of my Diabetes Support group that I go to every month in Salt Lake down on the University of Utah campus.

That's all for now! Thanks for letting me vent! Love y'all!

Saturday, January 12

Day of (Much Needed) Rest!

Okay, so today isn't quite Sunday which is known as the "Day of Rest", but hey today is one of those days.

I have been lounging around today. I slept in, got up and showered, then watched tv and surfed the net for a while. I came to my blog and realized that there wasn't a picture of me, so if you look to the right, there's me. Hope I didn't blind anyone!

Well there is some exciting news from the Voorhees side of the family (my family). Last Monday night, my oldest sister Jenny gave birth to her two healthy fraternal twins! Little Luke Douglas Rollins was born weighing in at 5 lbs 7 oz, with blonde hair and what may turn out to be blue eyes. Then Reagan Jean Rollins was born weighing in at 5 lbs 3 oz! She has a head of dark hair, and right now we don't know fully what color her eyes will be. Between the two of them, Luke looks strongly like a Voorhees, and Reagan definitely has the traits of a Rollins, just like their older daughter Caroline who is a proud big sister! We are absolutely thrilled that everything and everyone is doing well! My mom is there helping out and loving the opportunity to be a grandma again for the 4th and 5th times! And of course I can't wait to meet them when it comes time for their baby blessing!

Also, earlier this week we received a good foot of snow in only a few hours here in Ogden. I had driven to Salt Lake City for work, and it snowed off and on there all day, but when it came time to come home, the roads were clear until about 15 minutes away from home. When I drove into my neighborhood, the roads were COVERED in snow. People were getting stuck just trying to either back out of their driveways, or trying to get in. I tried to drive into my own driveway, and failed miserably! The front of our Neon got stuck in the huge pile of snow! So after swallowing my pride (or stupidity if you want to call it that) I got out of my car, schlepped my way through all the deep snow, and came inside to change my clothes. As I opened my door I saw that my neighbors had already crossed the street from their own mountains of snow to help dig the Neon out, as well as shovel my driveway! I was so grateful that this was not a daunting task that I would have had to face myself! In about 10 minutes, my car was under the carport and the driveway was cleared! Thank goodness for neighbors!

I went earlier this week as well to get my hair cut. This was something that sorely needed to be done. About 2 months ago I put my hair through hell dyeing it what I thought was going to be a pretty dark auburn, but turned out to be like a punk rocker maroon. I tried dyeing it again, this time it went a funny dark brown color with red splotches everywhere. So to my horror, I did what I swore I would never do... I bought hair bleach. Let's just say that this was quite the harrowing experience. The time of torture was a Saturday night, and I realized that the box said not to dye my hair for about 24 hours after bleaching it. So I had to go to church Sunday morning with splotchy orange and yellow hair! Needless to say, almost 24 hours to the time I had bleached it, I was dyeing it back to brown. There is more to the story of hair horrors, but I had to cut off some of the now dead and overly fried ends of my hair. As I was explaining this story to gal who cut my hair, she said that she was pretty surprised my hair wasn't worse off. I am just thankful that it didn't fall out! What a pretty image that is putting in your minds!

Really other than that there is nothing really new and exciting in our lives. I was told earlier this week that I would be getting more hours for work. I am excited about this, and really thanking my lucky stars, because we got the bills for my nose surgery, and just like the way I was after surgery, they weren't pretty. So we will be happy to pay them off much sooner than previously thought.

Well, that's about it for now.... Love y'all!

Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year!

Today is January 1st of 2008! Whew! Wasn't it just 2001 yesterday? I am starting to feel immensely old! I just realized that this coming May will be 7 freaking years since I graduated high school! Can you believe it? I sure can't, especially some days!

Well it has snowed and snowed and snowed some more, and there is more coming! The whole world is beautiful (like me... haha yea right!) and white! The mountains are gorgeous! There are icicles everywhere, and it's terribly cold outside! That's one thing, snow comes with cold weather, which being nearly a native Texan should have laws against it! Since my dad is now living in Colorado he has had to shovel snow the last couple of weeks which is something he hasn't had to do for nearly 20 years living in good ol' Houston! He tried to go and invest in a snowblower for himself, but was irked to find out that all the stores were fresh out! That means lots of other people were just as sick as he was of doing the back breaking job of shoveling lots of snow!

I sure hope everyone's New Year was great! Ours was fun. We went to a couple of different parties. We didn't get home until 3:15 in the morning or so! We couldn't remember the last time we were out that late! I guess that is what happens when you realize that you are old and married!

We just got home not too long ago from spending some of the hard earned money we got from being related to rich relatives... haha, nix that last thought. We actually had generosity poured over us this last Christmas, and we bought ourselves a new wireless printer! We are excited to start using it. Before we got the printer that we have now, we were frustrated with the printer that I got from my Pro Grad night from a drawing! That thing was seriously a dinosaur! It would freeze in the middle of a print job and it was H&@$ trying to get that thing back on line! Not even Brandon the computer whiz could figure out what was wrong. Then out of the goodness of his heart (and the desire to declutter his print shop) Brandon's dad gave us an old laser printer! It worked really well for quite a while, but then it started to leave all kinds of weird marks on our printouts. So needless to say, we needed a new printer something wicked! We are thrilled with this new one! Yet it gives us one more excuse to be lazy by sitting upstairs on our laptop and send a print job downstairs to the printer!

We also bought a shredder for unwanted mail or forms, the Planet Earth series, Napoleon Dynamite (not my first choice, but B used his gift card for that) and Over the Hedge. Call me a big kid, but I still love kids animated movies like that. Oh and I finally decided to use the Michael's gift card that Brandon got me last year! We went and bought a nice decorative mirror which was on sale for only $20! So it was only $5 for me and my share of the $$ we received for Christmas. I looked at other places, and realized that mirrors anywhere else are 4 to 5 times more expensive than the one we got!

As I sit here, Brandon is watching football (surprising huh? actually no... it isn't) and assembling and learning the ropes for how to use our new fandangled printer! I am warm under my Texas flag blanket, with Lexi cuddled up next to me. Don't know why I told y'all that, but oh well.

I hope that this New Year brings a sense of new beginnings and blessings to each one of y'all. I am grateful to have this time of the year to reflect on the many blessings that I have, and for the freedoms we enjoy. I wish all of you the richest of blessings this year!