Wednesday, August 29

Soon To Be September??

Oh hello! I can't believe that it's almost September!

I am sitting on my couch in my duplex, thinking of what is new and exciting in my life.

One of the coolest experiences of my life happened last Friday. As most of you know, I am a sign language interpreter. I had the opportunity to interpret for a lady who is Deaf, while she was giving birth to her baby! I was in the room the entire time, and it was really a neat experience. It's definitely during times like that, that I am baffled by those people who don't believe that there is a God. What a miracle it when human life comes to be and to be able to witness that is incredible.

I just found out last week that my sister who is expecting twins is having a boy and a girl! I am just thrilled for her and our family. There are already 2 grand daughters in our family on the account of my 2 older sisters, and 1 grand son. I already know that my dad is excited to have another grandson. And of course my mom is thrilled to pieces that she is getting more grand babies to spoil beyond all reason!

I am also grateful that recently I have been able to get in contact with some old friends that I haven't talked to since high school. Websites like facebook are so awesome, because it enables me to see how people have changed and how they are doing! I just can't believe how gorgeous everyone has become, and how well they are doing! It's just hard to imagine that it's already been 6 years since high school ended. People are getting married, and are starting their families! Yikes!

I am sure that y'all think I am some kind of cheeseball, but hey, we could all use some extra cheesiness in our lives.

Well, for those of you that do actually tune in from time to time to the episodes of dopfdetails, hope you continue to do so, and stay tuned! You never know what to expect!

Wednesday, August 15


Hey Y'all! Here I sit at the end of another seemingly long day.

I have had several days of waking up crazy early, followed by days of sleepless nights. I don't know what is wrong, but I hope it doesn't last much longer.

I am trying to think of what is new and exciting with us... and here is one exciting thing, my sister Jenny is visiting here from Seattle with her daughter Caroline! We haven't seen them for over a year and it is SO good to see them! She is expecting twins, and she will soon go to the Dr. to see if she's having 2 boys, 2 girls, or one of each! We are looking forward to this upcoming news! She has a little bit of a tummy showing, but other than that, it's difficult to know that she is expecting!

In other family news, my nephew Joshua just turned 4! I can't believe that it was 4 years ago that that little stinker came into our family! He is such a blast!

I do not have too much to say this time in regards to myself, but sometimes no news is good news!

I hope y'all are doing well, and that life is treating you great! Love to you all!

Friday, August 3


Well here we are folks... it's August! Time flies when you are having fun!

I hope you all are keeping cool in the midst of this hotter than H%&$ summer! Not having any air conditioning in our car has been quite an adventure! It makes me appreciate the few precious moments of the day when I get out of the shower and feel clean! The sweating starts during my getting ready in the morning, and continues until I get home at night from working. It really makes me think about how the heck people did it 100 years ago! I don't know if I could have done that. I am a little too spoiled in our day and age.

Well since it has been our summer for spontaneous spoilage, (all the car boo boo's, apartment ac going out, etc) I guess the Man upstairs didn't think that was enough! I went into my weekly Cinderella mode, and decided to vacuum our house. I plugged our 3 year old Dirt Devil vacuum, and it didn't take long for me to realize that it sucked, or actually, it didn't. I then within seconds smelled the often occurring burning rubber smell that usually meant that the belt that helped spin the brush wheel needed to be replaced. In the 3 years that we have had that, occasionally the belt would burn and it was 3 bucks for replacements at Walmart. It was our frame of mind that it was cheaper to just replace the belt and the vac would work just fine and dandy! For a limited time. This time, I disassembled the part of the vacuum to replace the belt, and I found that the belt had a mind of its own this time... it decided to melt itself onto the wheel, thus preventing me from replacing the little sucker! I couldn't do anything but laugh! I just thought about the last couple of months with financial bloopers, and it was either to react with laughter, or crying and swearing. I chose the former, thank goodness. I just looked heavenward and asked "You just had to throw me another curve ball didn't You?" So needless to say, Brandon and I went and bought a replacement for our vacuum. It was one of those "biting the bullet" moments along with the many others that we have had this summer. I immediately called my mom and told her about it, and we had a good laugh because it really has been "one of those" summers. My sister Katie found my misfortune quite amusing as well.

Today I took Lexi to the groomer's because she needed her teeth brushed (she had some serious DEMON breath) and her nails clipped (something that can be compared to pulling teeth) which is something we leave to the Heaven sent professionals! For those of you that haven't met our dog, she gets really excited when we ask "Do you wanna go Lexi?" She will start to jump up and down and get really excited to get out of the house. She also really enjoys car rides. It was a short ride though since we just went to the nearby groomer's. As soon as we got there, she didn't want to go inside because she knew what was about to happen. It was really cute because she was trying so hard not to be drug into the shop. Well if you have any idea what dogs go through in there, you wouldn't want to be subjected to that type of thing either! I think that if someone tried to clean my rear like they do in there, I would give someone a black eye!

Well, that is about as exciting as it gets at our house! AT LEAST FOR NOW!

Heaven only knows what tomorrow will bring!