Thursday, May 6

Feeling Pretty Sexy Right About Now

So today has kinda sucked for a few reasons.

Several days ago, I was walking down our steps with Lady Bug in tow, and I stepped on a step wrong (no pun intended) and heard a pop. It hurt something wicked, but I have done something similar before and it never hurt like that. But this is something different. I did something really dumb (Me? Do something stupid? NEVER? :)) and went jogging with a friend, and this only made it worse. I woke up Sunday morning with somewhat swollen and hurting foot. Not long after I woke up I went to walk in to my room and it snapped again! I almost pulled a Yosemite Sam scene with a string of profanities...but I digress. I talked to my mom last night and she encouraged me to go and get myself checked out.

I ended up coming home from the doctor this morning with the sexy fashion statement pictured up above.

Then while coming home, I got a low blood sugar of 48, which took me a while to recover from, and a whiny hungry baby to feed. This took all my energy I had at that moment.

Then I tried to take a nap to try and recover and then Lady Bug woke up and didn't want to sleep anymore. So I didn't get the much needed nap I was desperately hoping for.

Then, I looked down and saw my hands, and found the other lovely visual above. Lovely part of being a Diabetic. Dry hands...ALL the time!

So how has your day been? Hopefully better than mine!

I'm looking forward to the "Foster Mom Pampering" night tonight.

I'm done venting now! Thanks for humoring me!