Friday, August 10

29 Has Come and Gone...

My 29th birthday has come and gone.  It was a fairly good day with the exception that I was watching my sister's dog while she and her family were on vacation and he decided to go out back and roll around in fresh dog poop, hence me having to wash him twice and then clean out the bath tub, but I digress....

Something about turning 29 kind of hit me. Just a week before my birthday was both my husband's and my dad's birthdays, and they turned 30 and 60.  But there was just something about 29 that felt different.  I felt OLD.  Someone that we go to church with asked me if I was turning 32 or 33 because they thought I was a few years older than Brandon.  Sheesh.  That will do a number on the psyche. Digression.....

I am a little scattered today, maybe even more so than usual.

Anyways, when asked what I would want for my birthday, I asked for money.  I knew pretty much what I wanted to spend it on, so I did my research for people's reviews online and found that a majority were pretty positive, so I went ahead with my purchase!  Here is what I got:

I absolutely love these pots and pans from Rachel Ray!  My kitchen is decorated in a lighter shade of blue, and a brighter cobalt blue.  Blue is one of my favorite colors, it always has been.

I had a little bit of a run in with bad luck upon buying these at one of the local stores, I brought them home and opened the box and washed the pans and put them away.  I used a couple of them and washed them up again and noticed that one of the non-stick linings on a sauce pan was starting to peel back and flake off.  I thought this was strange, so back to the store they went, and I exchanged them for new ones, as well as buying two more different sized skillets that were on sale and getting a flat square shaped skillet.  I have also used birthday money to buy some of Rachel Ray's blue spatulas, and I would also like her large blue roasting pan and a set of mixing spoons as well.  But those will have to wait maybe until Christmas.

Some might think that I haven't had my other pots and pans that long.  You would be right, we just celebrated our 8 year anniversary earlier this week on the 7th!  But I was tired of those pots and pans and I knew someone that could use them.  I wanted something new and different for my kitchen, and something to put to good use with my newfound love for cooking.

Since I am staying at home now, I have so much more free time on my hands to be able to plan dinners, make the grocery shopping lists for the recipe ingredients, and actually cook them.  I have loved this.  With me staying at home, we aren't eating out nearly as much as we used to, and cooking deliciously healthy meals has been both budget friendly and fun for me.  Now I am just that much more excited since I have these new pretties to cook with!

Hope everyone is doing well!