Friday, June 15


A couple of evenings ago, Hallie and I went to the local Dollar Tree to get her some more puzzles to do since she is stinkin' smart and has gotten tired of the ones we bought just last week.  She was so good in the store and when we got in the car I started to tease her a little bit:

"Hallie, you are a cute little stinker."

"I not a stinker Mama."

"Yes you are, and a smart little stinker at that."

"But Mama, I NOT a stinker, I not have a stinky diaper."

"Hallie, you  are MY little stinky stinker!"

(getting clearly frustrated at my fun little teasing, she starts to cry a bit)

(sniffle sniffle)

"I NEED JESUS!"...."I love Jesus!"

I couldn't help but laugh at how this conversation panned out between the two of us.

As I kept driving I couldn't help but think to myself, that yes, in fact we ALL need Jesus.

And I had to laugh at how serious she was, and yet sincere when she said that.  I love my sweet, endearing, wide little girl.