Monday, June 18


Hehe, and I said that I would stick with this as a way of communicating with people. Tells you how consistent I am!

Well, it has been a crazy several days (in my case, I AM crazy) since I last posted anything!

I experienced a couple of weeks with a crazy schedule commuting back and forth from Ogden to Salt Lake, and then I have had a week of nearly no appointments! There has been some advantages to this though, as I have been able to prepare for the visit of my mom! I was able to clean the house from top to bottom, shampoo our carpets, and de-crud some of the junk in our closets!

Our trip to San Diego is fast approaching (not fast enough though). We have already gotten some discount tickets through AAA for the zoo and Sea World. We have been sooo excited to get out of the usual mundane routine and do something fun for a change! Like I said before, while we are out on the town, we will take plenty of pics for those of you that couldn't be there to join in on the fun!

As a little side note, Brandon's parents (my outlaws!) decided to help us out with a little something! The last time that we went to visit the Dopfs, Brandon went with his dad to go ride their dirt bikes for the last time before his dad sold them. They came back and soaked in the hot tub for a while... out of that came a deal for us! We received one of their motorcycles and we have been having lots of fun on it. Before any of y'all freak out about this, Brandon grew up around motorcycles and knows his stuff. I trust him thoroughly and know he will be safe. It helps to get around town for gas and mileage on our cars.

Well anyway, that's about all that is new and exciting with us.

As always, I hope that you all are doing well and are happy and healthy!

My love to all of y'all!


Thursday, June 7

Happy Thursday!

Well here I sit, late at night. It has been a long day of working in Salt Lake City, and I am pooped! I never thought that I would be doing laundry late at night like I did in college, but in now living the life of a free lance interpreter, I am feeling just the slightest feeling of deja vu.

Speaking of my job, I am loving it. For those who really know me having the same predictable work schedule is not exactly befitting to my personality! At heart I am a very free spirit and spontaneous person! So in free lancing, I am able to have an unpredictable schedule, but get paid to have it! I am able to meet people from all walks of life (yes even here in Utah that is still possible!), I am able to learn on a continual basis, and best of all: do what I love! I spend a lot of time in the car, but I don't mind it too much if there isn't tons of traffic, and due to the fact that my car has a 6 cd changer! So I can rock out to my favorite burned cds and other cds.

What is also new and exciting (and nerve wracking as well and only those who are LDS will understand this new undertaking) but I have just been called to serve as the Relief Society Pres in the deaf branch my husband and I attend. To be quite honest, when the Branch Pres asked me all I could do was laugh! I was so shocked that I was only able to react by laughing! I just felt very intimidated because I am the youngest one in the branch by at least 4 years! But it will all work out, I will just have to exercise faith!

Brandon left last Tuesday morning to fly to Saint Louis, Missouri in order to take care of some business stuff for Flying J. It was a last minute thing, but he was anxious to go and see a new place and learn some more stuff about his job. I know he enjoys it because it is something out of the ordinary desk job routine that he typically has every day. So it has just been Lexi and I, so I feel terrible leaving her home alone all day, but she is SO good! It has been fun having it be just her and I, and she gets really excited when I come home!

Well other than that, Brandon and I are just planning and saving for our trip to Southern California in about 2 1/2 weeks. Since Brandon served his LDS mission there, he knows his way around the city of San Diego really well, so he won't have to depend on his clueless wife to tell him where to go from a map! Our plans are to do everything that is fun to do there: Sea World, The San Diego zoo, Old Town, Balboa Park, La Jolla beach, and visiting people that he loves from his mission. So it will be exciting to FINALLY get away from the hum drum of life! I will post picks after we get back.

This has been a long message, but hopefully for those of you who care, it has let you into our lives a little more.

I think of many of you often, and hope and pray that you are well and happy. I am sorry that I haven't kept in contact, so post a message if you have the time and I will read it!

Take care everybody!


Monday, June 4

Just the Beginning!

Well here ya go. I got this idea of finally coming into the 21st century after my friend Shelly started her blog. There are just so many people that I have lost contact with and would love to hear from.

The last year has been pretty eventful for us. I graduated from Utah State University in May 2006, and Brandon got an internship with Flying J Headquarters in Ogden, Utah. Ogden was the LAST place that I ever thought or wanted to end up, but we moved here with only a weeks notice! The city of Ogden is very diverse in people and in history. If you live in central Ogden, you kind of have to watch your back and keep one eye open when you sleep at night, but if you live in North or South Ogden, you live in a much safer and prettier place.

Our apartment that we lived in for the first 8 months was a pit. We didn't have much time to look for housing, so we put in a deposit in the only place we could afford at the time. So needless to say, we were glad to get out of there! There were many interesting people that lived there. We came across a duplex in early late October and we were blessed to be let out of our lease early at the apartment we were living in, and then moved at the first of December to our new place! It was quite an upgrade for us since we have always lived in apartments the size of a sardine can. My favorite thing about where we are is that it is close to everything! Especially shopping!

Brandon graduated in December from USU and then was offered a full time job with Flying J in their IT Department. He travels from time to time, and I worked this last school year as an Educational Interpreter for the Deaf, and I FINALLY got my certification from the State of UT to be able to interpret in the community. I am learning a lot, and am blessed to have the ability to do what I love.

The newest addition to our family, meaning Lexi our dog keeps us busy. She is a 4 yr old pure bred Rat Terrier. But the Dopf side of the family think that she looks like a fruit bat. She has those huge ears. She only weighs about 6 lbs. She is just fun to have around. When I get a chance, I will post some pics of her and let you make your own opinion.

Well that is about as exciting as it gets around here. I hope you all tune in from time to time, because unlike many other ideas of mine, I plan to stick with this one!

Love to you all!