Wednesday, July 29

"Hey Sexy" Part 2

Last Saturday, I woke up not feeling too hot, so my wonderful husband got up with the boys. To really let me rest so I could get up for the later part of the day while he went to work, he took them for a walk at a nearby path by the Weber River. Brandon came home and told me a funny story.

They were walking along the river when a really pretty lady went by with 2 big dogs. Usually Hunter will see a dog and point to it and say "puppy!", this time he associated the dogs with Lexi. So as this beautiful woman walks by Hunter proceeds to yell "Hi Sexy!".

Luckily...the lady had and iPod.

Saturday, July 18

Big & Bananas

Lately we have been thrilled and exited over Hunter's improvements with speech. He is formulating 3-5 words sentences and is expressing himself more and more. He is one smart little guy.

The other day I scrambled eggs for the boys, served them to them and they started to eat. I walked over and started making myself my daily strawberry and banana smoothie when Hunter chimes in and says "Mama's 'nanas!" I had to laugh at this since he has been kind of sensitive lately and we have all been sick, so I have been going "bananas". He was spot on when it comes to bananas.

A few minutes after this, Hunter was signing to himself, and quite pleased with himself and wanted to show me a newer sign Brandon taught him. So without fail, he gets my attention by saying "Mama BIG!" Once again, I laughed again at this taking it out of context and agreed with him and said "Yes Hunter, Mama's BIG!" (Mumbling to myself right after that I was going to again get more committed to getting my BIG butt out to run!)