Friday, June 25

Oreo Pudding+Spaghetti for the first time+14 month old=Quite a Mess!

What was SO hysterical was this little one would take the spaghetti and rub it on her tummy, then put it in her mouth and eat it. Brandon and I just laughed. She got a big old smile on her face when she realized it made us smile. She has such an awesome little sense of humor.
Not unlike most things she eats, she seems to think that a lot of the food we give her has some miracle skin therapy or hair treatment.
Love this picture! Seriously! Just when we think she couldn't be ANY cuter......

Above is her signature scowl. She has a wide variety of expressions. This is one caught in many pictures!

I had a coupon for a buy one get one free Jello. I bought the Oreo Pudding and when it was made, we let her try it, needless to say she LOVED it!

Our Little Monkey!

As pictured above, below etc, Lady Bug has turned in to a monkey! She is in to everything, climbing all over the place. She is such a smart little thing. She is curious, astute, observant, and just plain adorable. She is such a little ray of sunshine! We adore her more and more everyday.

Climbing on the ottomans even before she can walk! Such a funny thing.

Sometimes while I am in the family room, she crawls and gets in to things in the kitchen. Usually I can hear her get in to things such as the pots and pans, washcloths and towels drawer etc. On this particular day, she was a little too quiet...hence finding her doing this!

Monday, June 21

Date Night - Red Lobster

Last Friday night Brandon and I had a date night all to ourselves. Typically we don't go out alone, we bring Lady Bug with us and call it "family date night". We've had a Red Lobster gift card that we needed to use and so we got a babysitter from our branch and headed to Layton for dinner. We have only ever been to Red Lobster once, and that was during a trip to San Diego almost 3 years ago!

What's funny about me is that I grew up near the Gulf Coast and due to my overly picky eating habits, I have never been one to consume sea food. I am very particular when it comes to food and its texture. I have tried scallops (too rubbery, blech), calamari (again, the rubbery thing), salmon (LOVE IT), clams (nasty), etc. The first time I ever tried crab legs was the first time I ever walked in and ate at Red Lobster. It was a learning experience cracking all those legs open for the meat and I loved it. I was anxious to order it again going there a second time.

We get there and I ordered their snow crab legs. A whole freakin' pound and a half. I started to work on my plate, and dang for some reason I was sorely disappointed. The meat tasted way too rubbery, and got cold too fast. I did a bunch of work and really tried to enjoy myself but I just couldn't bring myself to love it.

On a recommendation from a great neighbor of mine Brandon ordered their "Ultimate Feast" that came with shrimp, crab legs, lobster and something else I can't remember. I tried the lobster for the first time, and again BLECH! I just didn't enjoy it. Brandon liked the shrimp the best, but thought the lobester was interesting. He even helped me finish my crab legs.

While eating though, we just had to laugh. I was working on cracking open the crab legs and pieces of meat, ligament, or shell went flying across our row of booths close to where we sat. I'm so glad that people were willing to either just smile and laugh with us, or just plain didn't care enough to look our way.

I would go back to Red Lobster again on account of the fact that Brandon enjoyed it so much, but I have to admit that I will play it safe and just order salmon.

Wednesday, June 2

Want to Spill Your Cookies? Wear THIS!

I love this shirt. It's one of my favorite colors. The cut of it and the material make it very ideal for camouflaging some pounds that I've packed on since getting my insulin pump. It was a great deal at JCPenny's etc.

There's just one thing that I can't seem to let go. In the last couple of months since I bought it, I will have just put it on to go out somewhere, and Lady Bug has managed FOUR different times to spill her cookies ALL over me. It's the strangest (and grossest) thing. She's never spit up on me in any other shirt, except this one.

Maybe...just maybe due to the fact that she can't communicate the concept that she doesn't favor the shirt more than wearing a dirty diaper for a while... this is how she is trying to tell me she hates the shirt.

Or maybe it is just a coincidence. Go figure.

Lady Bug in Idaho

Ever since we've arrived in Idaho for vacation, Lady Bug has fallen in love with her "grandma's" piano. We have found her on several occasions doing this very thing. The thing that is so adorable other than the girl herself is that she doesn't just go to town and pound the daylights out of the piano, but she daintily fingers the keys trying to be careful. I love it.

This was after a meal of strawberries and heaven only knows what else the other night. There should be more pictures to come since I haven't been blogging as regularly as I used to. I'm a slacker, I know.