Friday, August 20

In Truly Loving Memory

About an hour and a half ago, my paternal grandmother Darlene Ethel Schow Voorhees passed from this earthly life in to the loving arms of our Heavenly Father. She was 78 years old.

I am grateful for the knowledge of God's restored gospel and for the eternal understanding it brings of forever families. I know that I will see her again.

My grandma was a wonderful lady. She will be sorely missed here by those she left behind. I look at it this way: it is a sad loss by our family, but truly a blessed gain by God, because on this day He couldn't have chosen to gain a better angel.

Thursday, August 19


At the beginning of the summer, I was excited to buy Lady Bug some sandals. I wasn't able to find any that I loved though. My wonderful Mom went to the Children's Place and found some adorable-will-match-any-and-all-outfits shoes. They were a teeny tiny size 2! They fit Lady Bug perfectly! I pretty much had her wearing them every day. The only thing about them was because of their tiny size that isn't normally meant for walkers, they didn't have any tread on the bottom. I went to Target (my new favorite baby clothes store) and found her some cute white sandals with flowers and a few diamond gemstones. She was able to wear these with everything too.

What I didn't think about was the fact that baby girl would grow out of the size 2 right in the middle of the summer. The entire month of July was spent looking at almost 7 different stores for sandals in a size 3. I was open to just about anything at this point. Everywhere I went there were the fall season's shoes out. I was getting frustrated. My last resort was to buy her some shoes that were more for the fall but realized if they were the right size, I would just be happy to have her little feet covered. I went back to Target and bought her a couple of pairs of shoes. I just really struggled with the fact that when it is still in the high 90's during the day and they have FALL clothes out, in the middle of summer.

So the last few weeks Lady Bug has been wearing these shoes I bought her. They are adorable but then because I am so anal about having shoes match her outfits, I was bummed they didn't match all the adorable clothes that I've gotten her. Someone told me that I should go look at a store called "Kid2Kid" I decided to go check it out anyway. Kid2Kid is a second-hand store full of kids clothes. I will admit I am kind of a "clothes snob" and that I prefer clothes come brand new, but I was desperate. I found a cute pair of size 3 sandals for $3.50. Talk about a deal.

Here's the kicker: last night I was putting away some clean clothes and opened a drawer and what was inside? A shoe box of size 3 white sandals just like the ones Lady Bug had grown out of from Target. I had an epiphany I had actually been smart enough to buy a second pair of sandals in case she did grow out of the first ones! I was thrilled! Now this little girl is stylin' and profilin' with 4 pairs of shoes! I'm thinking that maybe I will go ahead and use the sandals that fit her now and save the other shoes for this fall. (but watch, she'll grow another size in like a month even though she was a size 2 for freakin' ever!)

Monday, August 9

Blogging Sloth

I have been slow and downright lazy when it comes to blogging. Every time I go to write something, I lose the motivation. I'm working up the gumption to force myself to sit down and upload pictures of the goings-on in my life. We even bought a new digital camera, and I haven't posted anything. You have my permission to do a cyber slap of my hand.

I will try to do better. I have still been keeping up with y'all's blogs.

So here's to jumping back on the bandwagon, hopefully I don't miss and fall flat on my face!