Friday, November 19

Two Days Worth of Gratitude Again

November 18, 2010: I am grateful for Brandon's and my jobs. In the past couple of years, Flying J Inc went through a difficult yet exciting time. First it started with his company filing for bankruptcy and the announcement of possible downsizing. The next announcement was that they were in the process of a merge agreement with Pilot Corp. Then there were the months of endless waiting for the FTC to approve what seemed to be every, single, stinkin' detail of the merger, during which time several employees at Flying J were given the boot from the company. Brandon's position with the company survived every round of cuts/downsizing that were done. We were thankful for his job, but he was extremely sad to see so many friends/co-workers laid off. It was just a sad time in general. And a stressful one, as one by one Brandon was saying goodbye to his co-workers.

Finally at the end of this summer, the merger of Pilot Flying J was complete. But still more waiting..... we weren't sure if we were going to be staying put here in Utah, or being relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee where Pilot is headquartered. Then the news that came to us just a few weeks ago, that they informed Brandon that his job is extremely stable, and that he is needed very much within the well as the news that we are likely to be staying here in Utah.

While the last couple of years were spent praying for the keeping of jobs, and for answers relating to the stability of a job have been pretty stressful at times. We've had concerned friends and family members asking us almost weekly whether we had heard anything concerning a move out of state, being laid off, or interviewing with other job possibilities etc. So we are grateful for PFJ deciding to keep us around and helping us put bread on the table.

I am also thankful for a job where I work for and with such wonderful and caring people. I've been shown wonderful support in my decision to be a foster parent, and becoming a real parent very soon! I love the flexibility of the hours, the people I meet:both hearing and Deaf. I love that it allows me to learn on a continual basis when it comes to the language, medical field, education etc. I am also thankful that one or two days a week I am able to get out of the house and work to keep my sanity as a mom and wife. Some moms pop pills to keep themselves happy and motivated, so essentially, my work is my pills...

November 19, 2010: Today we were able to go to our adoption attorney's office to sign the legal document petitioning the court/judge to allow us to adopt our little Ladybug! It was AWESOME to be able to see the name that was given at birth, and the new name we will be giving her once her adoption is finalized (LESS THAN A MONTH TO GOOOOOOOO!) in print. We are so excited to finally and officially be able to call this little girl OURS! So I am grateful for the opportunity to be a mommy forever and ever!

Wednesday, November 17

Two Days Worth of Gratitude

November 16, 2010: Technology is something that I am grateful for. I am thankful for cell phones and their capabilities. I am grateful for text messaging (though not nearly on as grand a scale as today's teenagers), email, internet, etc on my phone. All these things help keep me in touch with my loved ones, especially my husband who is Deaf. It's not as easy as just calling my husband to say hello like it is for most people. Though technology and interpretive services have made leaps and bounds just since we have been married, I will still never be able to just pick up the phone without a third party interpreting the conversation I have with my husband. Text messaging has been a heaven sent thing for us. No 3rd party involved.

There was a time where a cell phone also saved my life. So today, I am able to look back and feel extremely thankful for cell phones.

Today: I am thankful for Target. I love that store. I love their shoes, work clothes, baby clothes and shoes, fun jewelry etc. When you shop on a budget, but want your cake and to eat it too, their stuff is cute and affordable. And no, I wasn't paid to type this on my blog. Not everything I post about has to be serious! ;)

Monday, November 15

Catching Up on Gratitude Again

I've been lax the last few days on posting what I am thankful for...again. What else is new?

For November 13, 2010: I am grateful for answers to prayers. In the last few months, there were a couple of possible and big "what ifs" hanging over our heads. First, there was a possibility that we could move out of state, either to Boise, Idaho, or Knoxville, Tennessee. Two completely different places, for two very different reasons. When considering the pros and cons of living in either city, we (me at least) got excited just at the prospect of living somewhere completely new and different. As it turns out, we are staying put for a while, but maybe would just like to get the heck out of the house we're in now, just for a change scenery. The other big answer to prayer is that we are adopting our daughter! Two very BIG answers to what were big life questions were what we have been blessed with.

November 14, 2010: I am grateful for Diet Dr. Pepper. It is my favorite soda to drink. Period. It just hits the spot.

November 15, 2010: Today marks exactly one more month until we are officially & irrevocably parents! I am so excited and grateful for this opportunity!

Friday, November 12

Gratitude day

I've lost count of which gratitude day it is, but here goes.

I am appreciative of my knowledge American Sign Language. I started taking it in high school (feels like FOREVER AGO) as a freshman, and just kept taking classes. At that time you could only take it for 3 years in Texas, so my senior year I worked as a teacher's assistant in a Deaf Co-Op classroom with 3rd and 4th grade Deaf students. This was a great experience for me though the signed English (signs in English word order) set me back in developing more ASL related skills.

I moved to Logan, UT for college and as a freshman there met several of the Deaf students. I remember being so NERVOUS to approach them, as I hadn't met many Deaf adults. I developed friendships with many of them, as well as dated a few Deaf guys. I took more classes at USU where I learned more about ASL grammar, Deaf Culture, etc.

If I hadn't known any sign language I would never have made the friendships that are still with me today. I wouldn't have met Brandon, my sweet husband. I wouldn't have been able to learn more and more each time I hang out with friends that are Deaf. I wouldn't be able to use my skill to work and do what I love:interpreting. I wouldn't be able to teach Gospel Doctrine in the Deaf Branch we attend with out the use of an interpreter.

I have often been asked what ever lead me to take an interest in learning to sign. Questions asking if someone in my family was Deaf, if I knew someone Deaf, or if I have served an LDS ASL mission. It's none of the above (until I met Brandon of course). It just was something I have chosen to do. It just came naturally.

I am grateful for the knowledge, friendships, experience, and joy that knowing a second language has brought me in my life. The Lord has blessed me in countless ways because I was just too lazy to take Spanish in high school. ;)

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day, but I'll post for both yesterday and today!

November 11, 2010: I am grateful for my little Lady Bug. She is such a sweetheart. Like all 19 month-olds, she definitely has her moments. Lately though she is has been so much fun to have around. I am grateful for her presence in our home. She feisty, sweet, imaginative, intelligent, and has the cutest little sense of humor. I love to hear her laugh. She gets interested in something and can focus for long periods of time on it.

There was a very recent time where I thought that if we weren't able to keep her, we were going to stop doing foster care, and I was resigned to the fact I might never be a mommy to a child of my own.

So having her, and having a little more than a month to go before she is officially ours, has me filled with joy and gratitude. I know that the Lord listens to our prayers, and knows the righteous desires of our hearts.

Today: I am grateful for laughter. One of my very favorite things to do is laugh. It lifts my spirits on a tough day, and just makes me feel good. I enjoy making others laugh, especially the people I love most. What a gift laughter can be.

Wednesday, November 10

Catching Up on Gratitude

Today I am catching up on the last few days of posting on what I am grateful for:

November 7, 2010: I am grateful for Sundays. I love going to church, even when the time we go is super non-conducive to having an 19 month old. Then it's great to come home, put the baby down for a nap and relax or plan dinner.

November 8, 2010: I am grateful for my job. I have recently started working part time again, and have found an ideal sitter situation for my daughter. The agency I work for is incredible. I love meeting new people, or seeing people I haven't worked with in a while. It's also great to get out of the house to do something I have always felt is worthwhile: working with people.

November 9, 2010: I am grateful for the temple. Last night I went to the temple for the ASL session. It was wonderful. I had regrettably not been to the temple for longer than I'd care to admit, and because of the generosity of my caring husband, I was able to go. I needed it more than I can say. I had an incredible experience, much too special and sacred to post on here, and so special I will keep it to myself. But I am grateful for the blessings that are ours if we just strive to do what is right. I am grateful for the knowledge the temple provides, the blessings of eternal families, eternal marriages, and just the light it brings in to my heart and life.

November 10, 2010: I'm grateful for our benefits from Brandon's job. We haven't always had the best benefits, sometimes none at all, but right now we are enjoying the new insurance that we have. What used to be a WAY TOO FRIGGIN" high deductible meant we paid out of pocket for just about everything. My monthly prescriptions of insulin, pump supplies, thyroid medication, birth control etc used to cost about $400-$450. With our new insurance, we have co-pays (something that is NEW to us) so you wouldn't believe the look on my face the first time we paid for my medicine and the purchase price was only $30 dollars. Talk about a HUGE savings. We are so blessed. We just better enjoy it now while we can until our idiot President's health bill goes in to full effect.

Saturday, November 6

Gratitude day 4

Today I am grateful that I was able to go and play some volleyball in the regional tournament for my church. I played with only one person that I knew, and for the first couple of games, I was really inconsistent with playing, but then things really started picking up for me when my sweetheart of a husband came with my daughter to watch me play. Something about having them there helped me get my head on straight and start playing well. We played several games straight, only taking a break for lunch. I couldn't believe how well-behaved my daughter was. It was such a blessing to have my little family there with me. It really meant a lot to have Brandon ask me if he could come watch me play. I didn't play in high school or anything like that, only during my years as a teenager, but I really do love to play volleyball and wish that I had been good enough to play in high school.

We won our tournament! It was a blast to play, but has left me wanting to go to bed early. Really early. So, good night!

Friday, November 5

Gratitude day 3

Today I am thankful for modern medicine. If I had lived even about 100 years ago, my diagnosis as a Type 1 diabetic would have been more like a death sentence. Even though there is no cure for it yet, it is treatable, which allows me to lead a somewhat normal life, every day.

Thursday, November 4

Gratitude Day 2

Today I am grateful for family, in all it's fun, craziness, joy, function and dysfunction..etc.

I am grateful for a loving and increasingly patient man to be married to. He is my best friend, my other (better) half. He makes me want to be a better person. He makes me laugh. Everyone he comes in to contact with never has a bad thing to say about him. He's a goofball, a good daddy, a hard worker, a good friend, reliable, and unshaken in his faith.

I'm thankful for my daughter. We waited until we found out she was going to become ours before we decided to finally call her our "daughter" instead of just "our little girl". She is incredibly loving, intelligent, sassy, and has a fantastic little sense of humor. It is so fun to watch her change and grow.

I am grateful for my parents. I know that in this life, they were meant to be my parents. They also have to be some of the most patient people to put up with the crud I've dealt them over the years. If there's any gray hairs on their heads, it's because of my endless tactics.

I'm grateful for my sisters, for the laughter we share. We are all different as night and day, but when you put us together you'd better watch out!

I'm grateful for great in-laws. We laugh with them every time we get together with them. They raised someone like my husband, so I'm especially grateful to them.

Wednesday, November 3

Better Now Than Never...Gratitude Month

I'm starting a few days late, but I have seen some friends and family posting on their blogs what they are grateful for once a day, every day for the rest of this month.

First and foremost, I am thankful for God. Because without Him, life would have no purpose, no meaning. Everything that I have in this life, I attribute to Him. He gives me life, breath, joy, happiness, pain, trials, family, love, friends...they are endless.

Today and everyday, I am grateful for a God in Heaven who loves me.