Sunday, June 28

Step By Step

The baby took his first steps tonight! The first video was the longest run of steps and the second is of the very first steps he took! Just thought we'd share! Yay for milestones!

Saturday, June 27

Tuckered Out

The other day I ran the boys all over the place running errands before we came home for lunch and naps. One of them didn't even care about eating lunch, which is a BIG deal if you know how he gets when he is hungry!

Saturday, June 13


Unlike some people I know who are so timely when posting pictures and stuff on their blogs as soon as things happen, I have only just now been able to sit down to blog about my trip.

As has been the trend over the last few years, I have been making it down to Houston about ever year and a half or so. Not including this recent trip, I expect that now that my parents live in Denver (less than half the drive it used to take to get to Texas) I don't know when I will be going next. I'm not dogging my good friends that are still down there, but let's face it folks trips like that for me are pricey!

The reason for my trip was for my best friend/"brother" Ben's wedding to the love of his life Bella! Before I ever even bought a ticket down there, I knew that I was going to be there for their big day. Since Ben wasn't able to be at my wedding (he was on his mission at the time), I promised him years ago that I would be at his. I also knew that since I don't make it down there very often, I wasn't just going to fly in to town the day before and leave the day after. I thought that if I was going to spend the money on the ticket then I was going to take advantage of the opportunity of being there and doing some fun things.

To make a long story short, the highlights of the trip were going with Michelle to get her tattoo celebrating her mom being a cancer survivor; helping Ben and Bella decorate for their reception, being at their sealing; shopping till I dropped; going to the reception and seeing people I haven't seen in years; lunch with Scott; watching chick flicks with Michelle; going to Galveston Island and eating at Gaido's; walking along the beach; getting 2 henna tattoos; eating kolaches and REAL glazed donuts (sorry Utah, when it comes to donuts, you seriously SUCK); dinner at Barnaby's and apple pie at House of Pies; laying out in the sun by the pool relaxing; and just lots of laughter and catching up with Michelle over the weekend!

Houston will always and forever be where I call home; whether family is there or not. I love the busy city life, the memories there and the wonderful and dear friends that I have known for over half of my life (feeling old right about now). Like some people say "you can give me miles and miles of mountains, but I will always love the beach".

Tuesday, June 2

Ignorance is Bliss? Maybe in Most Cases...

I have to start this post by saying that I know there is no shortage of idiots in the world today. I am no stranger to ignorant people making stupid comments, especially having worked in the Deaf Community as an interpreter, having a husband who is Deaf, and the fact my niece and nephew are inter-racially adopted. My sister has a myriad of things she could tell you about ignorant people's comments to her about her children.

A few weeks ago, my husband, the boys and I went out to Costa Vida, (one of our favorite restaurants) and there was this lady standing behind us in line. We were playing with our boys and trying to keep them entertained as we waited in line and she asked us how old they were. I told her the boys' ages, and she replied that they were so close in age (2 1/2 and 1). I replied saying they were our foster children and that they really do keep us busy. She looked at me with surprise and said "They're foster kids?....But they are so cute!". (What? Are foster kids supposed to be ugly?!!!!!)

Needless to say I thought she was an idiot for making such an ignorant statement. Maybe I shouldn't judge, but seriously??!!!