Tuesday, September 13

The Grand Total

Over the last fives weeks since I have started couponing, I tallied up my weekly savings and found that I have saved over $225 in groceries! That's pretty good I think for just starting over! Pretty cool to think that just taking a couple of hours during my week to prepare my grocery list, and to print off coupons would save me so much money.

Monday, September 12


Last year I attended my first class with my sister about couponing. It came with the offer to order several copies of the local newspaper for every Sunday so as to capitalize on savings from multiple coupon inserts. I was really in to it for several months before I lost the motivation to get the newspaper anymore because there were several months in a row where the coupon inserts really sucked butt. None of them were useful. Or if there were any at all, then I only clipped one or two coupons, absolutely leaving me in the hole when it came to ordering the newspaper.

My best friend is a couponing fanatic. She came to visit for a couple of days this summer and let me in on some of her motivating secrets. So I thought I would try couponing again. Except this time I decided to try it without ordering the newspaper at all.....

Just by printing off coupons from the internet, and cutting them up myself, and with a little help from my mom and grandma, I have been able to save an average of $40 a week for the last month! I have been thrilled with the result since I haven't been working as much this last summer and money has been a little tighter than usual. So here's to couponing!