Tuesday, May 26

Koolaid Mustache

Just a short blog on this one. Do you remember when you were a kid and would drink your Koolaid and get the inevitable "mustache" that came with it? To this day, it must be the way I drink Koolaid because I ALWAYS get one unless it's the pink lemonade flavor.

So this is out there now, I am a woman in my mid-20's that still gets them.

"Growing older is not an option, growing up is!"

Saturday, May 23

And We Have a One-Year Old!

These pictures are a little backwards so scroll all the way down then scroll up and they will be in order!

Anyway the younger of our two foster boys turned 1 last Saturday and we had a party! I made cupcakes for the first time in my life and they turned out yummy! I ate way too many! I used the confetti cake and frosting from Duncan Hines. We had invited so many kids and parents that we decided to throw the party in our back yard. I went and bought some cute decorations and made it a Mickey Mouse themed party. Several people showed up and the baby got lots of clothes and things for his birthday! You will also see the pictures of the gradual process of him eating his first cupcake! It was fun to watch!

The above picture was him in his "birthday" suit after we washed his hair out from getting frosting in it! Enjoy the adorable pictures as well as the priceless one of Hunter!

Wednesday, May 20

Hi Sexy!

As most people know we have a wonderful little dog named Lexi. With Hunter's little speech delay and in his own special language when Lexi comes in to the room from another room or from downstairs he hollers "HI SEXY HI!"

Or in mimicking me when I holler her name for her to come inside he yells "SEXY"!

Haha enough said.

Monday, May 18

Ran a 5k? Yeah... Not So Much

Last Saturday I drove my fat apple down to Draper to the city park to run in a 5K benefitting children who are Deaf. I was really looking forward to it since I have gotten to the point where I am jogging over 4 miles now and doing it comfortably. So I get there and see TONS of people that I know from the Deaf Community before the race. They had announcements and explained how the course was set up for the 5k. They told us that there would be 2 places to grab water as you jogged by. Well needless to say I never saw 2 places to pick up water. They neglected to mention that we had a specific place to turn in order to make the run a giant circle, meaning most of the runners ended up jogging 4.4 miles instead of the intended 3!

I was incredibly fortunate to run in to an old friend of mine from USU. She and I ended up jogging together until the finish line. I just knew as we were jogging that it had to have been longer than 3 miles, and needless to say we found out VERY quickly that there had been a mistake! The only thing I can say about that was that it was great to run a new trail with a good old friend! My time was consistent with my personal jogs that I do a few times a week. I am just so grateful for my iPod, because music is what gets me going and keeps me motivated on my jogs.

So even though I ran much further than anticipated, it was a great feeling to know I ran that far unintenionally! Great day and great workout!

Saturday, May 2

Allergies Issues, What Would You Do?

I am feeling very bad for a friend of mine that just found out the hard way that her little girl is allergic to peanuts, and even after that when they conducted more allergy tests, they found out her little girl is also lactose intolerant. They had to get her daughter a Rx for an Epi-Pen to have with them at all times.

As a result of this news , it has turned this family's world upside down. My friend is the kind who doesn't handle stress very well (kind of like me) and didn't even know where to start when it came to grocery shopping for her daughter. I know from my own experience that there are things out there like soy milk (I drink it by choice), soy yogurt, soy ice cream etc. Luckily for her in this day and age many food labels have warnings that they contain things such as nuts, gluten (for celiacs), peanuts etc. Too bad for me, all nutrition labels say how much sugar they have but I STILL eat them. Anyway, I was talking to my husband that said my friend has taken the extreme approach that applies to the WHOLE family: no one is allowed to eat or drink normal dairy products anymore. They can't have ice cream, yogurt, or anything. I can definitely understand the shock and stress of being told your child can't eat certain things, and that you would take the most obvious and drastic approach when your knowledge is limited. I understand that my friend wants to make things "fair" for her little girl, but what about her older siblings that aren't allergic to the same things? Do you think it's not being fair to them? What would you do in this situation?