Saturday, April 30

Sun Glasses

Hallie and I went down to the Tulip Festival on Thursday and I stopped off at the store and bought a little bag and some sunglasses. Being the sucker that I am I bought Hallie a pair. She looked adorable and couldn't have been more thrilled!
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Wednesday, April 13

Well Hello There Stranger!

I have become a complete stranger when it comes to my blog. I haven't done anything for so long, I feel like such a slacker. This lazy blog "sabbatical" has been good for me though.

So this blog post is just to let you know that I am still here, still alive, and enjoying it. I am envious of those on my blog list that are religious about their posts. But I am never going to be one of those that blogs every day, I'm just not that creative, or maybe my life is just uneventful so there's really nothing to say.

With the warmer weather (hopefully) on the horizon, I'm sure I will be out and about with Hallie and finding things to take pictures of and to tell the world about!

Until then, see ya!