Wednesday, November 7

Just Call Me Grace

Hallie and I have been sick for almost a week now fighting the flu/cold crud that has been going around as it does every year.  We have been cooped up in the house for several days and we were both going kind of nuts.  The last 3 days have shown signs that we are on the mend, so we ventured out to a park today before the nasty weather hits at the end of the week.

We spent some time playing and chasing each other and as I was walking to sit on a park bench so that Hallie could play with some other kids, I told her "Be careful while you play honey."  As soon as I said this, (oh the irony) I ran headfirst into a pole.  I immediately looked around to see if anyone had seen, but luckily not.  But boy did I feel stupid!

As if that wasn't bad enough, I crouched down to walk under one of the bridges on the playground and nearly knocked myself out cold AGAIN by beaning my head HARD on the bottom of the bridge.

Just call me Grace........

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