Wednesday, December 5

She Knows Jesus

Hallie has an incredible relationship with Jesus Christ.  She knows who He is.  There have been some experiences that provide pretty strong evidence of this fact.

-Right around the time she turned 3, Hallie and I were riding in the car after leaving the dollar store.  She was upset about something and when I told her she needed to calm down and tell me what was wrong, she replied "I NEED JESUS!!!"  I remember being very shocked that she would say something like that at such a young age.  I responded "Oh sweetheart, we ALL need Him."

-In September when we were on our vacation to the Oregon Coast, Hallie was kind of difficult at times, which made us question our sanity when we decided to go on vacation.  One night, after nerves and frustrations were already fried, she was playing in the tub at the condo, and she pooped in the tub.  That about sent me over the edge when it came to patience.  My mother in law (bless her!) went in and helped clean out the tub and to bathe Hallie.  Hallie knew I was upset, and she told my mother in law this, "I hope Jesus isn't mad at me."  My heart melted when I heard this, and I have since wondered where she would get that.  I have never reprimanded her and told her that anything she does upsets Jesus. She clearly somehow came up with that all on her own.

-A couple of weeks ago, we were driving in the car together and I got frustrated that some guy came dangerously close when he cut me off while pulling into my lane.  Hallie observed my reaction to the guy and asked me, "Mama, do you need Jesus?"  All I could say was that I really did need Him.

My daughter amazes me. She often says some pretty profound, astute, and intelligent things.  It is almost like she is an old soul in a toddler's body.

I believe that children can see and feel things that we adults cannot.  They are so innocent and loving that it is almost impossible to not believe that they can see angels, and be so attuned to the Spirit.

Ever since she came into our home, people have often remarked how special of a little girl she is.  She draws people to her (just like her Daddy) and is such a happy little thing. She is at such a fun age.  I am so thankful that this precious daughter of God is ours.

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