Thursday, January 3

What's In a Name? Everything.

I've googled my last name.  It's different.  There aren't a lot of Dopfs in the USA.  For those of you that might not know how to pronounce it, it sounds like DOFF, because the "P" is silent.

Taking this into consideration, there have been jokes at to what I should/would never name my children.  Because everyone knows how I feel about stupid, ridiculous, made up, trendy, "your kid is going to hate you for life because they will either be made fun of or no one will know how to spell it" type names.  Only some of the names we have come up with are actually names, but considering that some people will name their kids just about anything....

Names that might be considered NO BUENO:

1. Carrie
2. Broke
3. Twist
4. Buck
5. Screw
6. Bent
8. Run
9. Jump
10. Ride
11. Snooze
11. Jack**

This is probably only the beginning.  There are probably tons out there that I haven't come up with. :)

**That would just be cruel and crass. :)

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