Friday, December 14

It's Not Stuck in Your Head....

I love to sing.  I sing in the car, in my house, and sometimes in the shower (is that an overshare?).

Especially around this time of year when one of the local radio stations has been playing Christmas songs since November 1, I have had a few songs stuck in my head.

Last Saturday was our church Christmas dinner.  A bunch of the little kids got up on to the stage to sing and sign a song.  I was singing this song as I was cleaning the kitchen the other day.  Hallie came in and asked me what song I was singing.  I told her it was the same song she and the other kids had signed and sang last week.  I told her that it was stuck in my head.

She replied saying "It's NOT stuck in your head, it's stuck in your mouth!"

I stood there and after a moment in thought, told her that I agreed!

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